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PWR Bank

PWR Bank Medium

AUD $99.99

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The Medium PWR Bank is a battery for use with any product in the PWR range. Use this 5000mAh PWR Bank to power your PWR product, as a back up battery for you PWR product, or to charge your phone, watch, Garmin…whatever device you like.

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One Battery, Many Uses

One Battery, Many Uses Knog Knog

By using one interchangeable battery, the PWR range minimises the amount of equipment that you need to carry, reducing both the weight & bulk. 50% of the cost of many new electronic accessories is made up of the cost of the battery, so you can save money by purchasing a PWR Bank and the skins for the products you need, from bike lights, to lanterns, to headtorches to speakers.

Quick Charge, Long Lasting

Quick Charge, Long Lasting Knog Knog

The Medium PWR Bank is a USB rechargeableLi-ion battery, with a charge time of 7 hours.

Using its universal USB connection, the Small PWR Banks is not only able to provide power to the PWR range. It also serves as a power bank so you never need to be without power again, Whether you need to charge your phone, your lights or your Go-Pro…

Creating the PWR range didn’t happen overnight.

Creating the PWR range didn’t happen overnight.

5 designers, 7 engineers, 480 prototypes and 47 days of 3D printing.

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H: 36mm x W: 36mm x L:131mm


233 grams

CHARGING YOUR PWR BANK: PWR Banks use a micro USB input to charge. Using the micro USB cable provided you can plug this into any powered USB port or USB wall plug charger. CHARGING DEVICES WITH YOUR PWR BANK: To charge a device, connect the device's charge cable to the female USB port on the front of the PWR Bank and plug the other end of the USB cable into an available powered USB port. Runtimes if paired with PWR Lighthead 1000L

  • Modes Lumens Runtime (HRS)
  • ECO Flash 15 300
  • Max 1000 2
  • Mid 550 3
  • Stamina 80 21
  • Pulse 300 8
  • Strobe Flash 225 14


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PWR Bank Instructions

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