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Why using bike lights during the day is the sensible thing to do

The irrefutable fact is that our planet, our cities, and our roads are getting busier. Urban populations will reach over 4.2 billion people in 2019, and our cities are not just filling with just people either, as of 2019 there are a staggering 1.2 billion cars on the world’s roads.

COB vs SMD Lights Explained

Want to understand more about what makes COB LEDs different from SMD LEDs? Fuel your inner geek with this great video by The Subjective Cyclist.

Putting The Plus Light To The Test

My name is Mathieu, I’m a bike courier and urban runner currently living in Melbourne, Australia. The last few months I have been testing the new Knog Plus lights.

Avoid the scythe: 10 bike safety tips to stay alive

Cycling is great/bonza/tops/lush/’tastic/wicked/well good. If you’re reading this, you probably agree but let’s just revel in it for a moment.

How to measure the diameter of your handle bar

Handlebars come in all weird styles and sizes, but we’re here to help make choosing the right size Oi bell for your bike(s) easy. After all bell size does matter!