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A Message From Knog

A Message From Knog

A Changing World

In the past few weeks, our world has changed faster and in ways that we could have ever imagined. The spread of COVID-19 has slowed major cities, disrupted travel schedules and postponed some of our most beloved events.

At Knog we are playing our part to practice good hygiene and taking precautionary measures to prevent the spread of this virus. We are working from home and only venturing out inline with current advice from the government. In times of isolation, and tension, it’s easy to obsess over the negatives and forget why we are where we are.

Cycling Can Help

At Knog we love cycling. We love the open road and we love the feeling of freedom that riding a bicycle brings us. And it is now more relevant than ever to cherish that freedom, if we can ride on an open road we should do so as a way to maintain health and promote happiness in our lives.

Physical activities like cycling, when done for 30-60 minutes a day help boost your immune system. And when done at dawn or dusk, or in the hours of darkness, other people in these places and spaces are few and far between.

We don’t think we have the answers to the unprecedented situation the world finds itself in, but we do know that safely getting out on your bike or hitting a trail is positively beneficial in so many ways.

Supporting Small Businesses

Knog is a proudly independent 18-year-old Australian business that directly employs 25 people in Melbourne. We like all small to medium-sized businesses are now facing a very uncertain future that affects not just Knog’s staff, but our suppliers, the factory we use and all of our partners around the world.

Knog’s dependence on the cycling community is now more necessary than ever before.

Carrying On As Best We Can

Our online business continues to function, and we would ask where possible, that all of our customers continue to support smaller local business and brands wherever you are in the world. The vast majority of these smaller businesses do not have the safety net that larger brands or retailers may have at their disposal.

Thanks and love from Hugo, Mal & the team at Knog x