How To Set Up & Install Your Knog Scout


This is a security device.

To ensure the security of your Scout, a specific pairing and unpairing sequence is required.

Do not attempt to directly pair your Scout through the iPhone Bluetooth device list.

For a successful connection, it is imperative the pairing is channeled through the Knog app.

Please carefully follow the instructions to successfully pair your Scout with an iPhone.

Failure to pair or unpair your Scout as instructed may result in connection issues or an inoperable device.

How To Set Up Your Scout Video Guide

This step-by-step video guide will have your Scout up and running in no time.

How To Set Up Your Scout Guide

Follow these step-by-step instructions to set up, pair and arm your Scout.

Step 1: Enable Paring

Only pair your Scout using the Knog app and Apple FindMy app.

Before you can pair the Scout to your iPhone, connect the Scout to a USB charging port via a standard USB-C cable. Once the Scout is connected you will hear a 3-tone beep.

*If the Scout was previously linked to another Knog mobile account or Apple ID, make sure that it has been removed from accounts via the Knog Mobile and Find My apps, then perform a factory reset of the Scout as described further below.

Step 2: Set Up Knog App

1. Find and install the Knog app from the app store.

2. Enter your information to create your profile.

Step 3: Connect & Register Device

1. Make sure your Scout is charged and in close range. Click on the + button to search for the Scout.

The Scout will remain in pairing mode for 10 minutes once the charger in plugged in. If the Scout fails to appear to initialise pairing, re-connect the charger.

2. Select device to add “Knog Scout”.

3. Choose a name for your Scout.

4. Complete connection by accepting Bluetooth pairing request.

Step 4: Update Firmware

Once the Scout is connected, inside the app select the 3 dots for more options. Scroll down, and select ‘Update Firmware’.

If the device has the most up-to-date firmware already installed, a message “You are up to date” will be displayed.

If a firmware update is available, download and install it to the Scout.

The firmware update process will begin, indicating the installation progress. If the user selects ‘Cancel’ at anytime, the Scout will continue to use the existing version of firmware.

Once the firmware update is downloaded and installed, the Scout will automatically reset to activate the update.

Once the firmware update process is complete, a green tick will be displayed.

Step 5: Connect to Find My

1. Open the Find My app by pressing the red arrow button at the bottom of the screen

*To use the Apple Find My app to locate this item, the latest version of iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, or macOS is recommended.

2. Press ‘Add New Item’

3. Select ‘Add Other Item’

4. When the Scout appears, press to connect to Find My. Select and name your Scout.

5. To finalise the Find My set-up, agree to the Apple Find My terms and conditions. Initiating, but failing to complete the set-up will result in an incomplete connection.

Step 6: Charge to Full

1. Open USB door seal

2. Plug in USB-C charging cable. Red LED indicates charging.

3. Green LED indicates fully charged.

Step 7: Mount To Bike (Overt)

The Scout can be mounted to any standard bottle cage location

1. Place the Scout on your bike, aligning the holes with bottle cage screw bosses, then insert the screws.

2. Use the Scout Security tool to tighten the screws and secure the Scout.

- Do not over-tighten the Screws!
- Do not lose the Security Tool!

Tip: Use the hole in the Tool to secure it to a keyring

3. For added protection against water & mud, or to signal to potential thieves, use the Scout Hi-Viz Overt Cover.

Mounting (Stealth)

The Scout can be mounted under any standard bottle cage. When mounting the Scout under a bottle cage, use the spacers provided.

Arming & Disarming From iPhone

1. To arm Scout make sure the phone is in Bluetooth range. The Scout should show ‘Connected’. Press the large bell icon on screen to arm the Scout.

2. The bell icon button will now show the Scout is Armed. To Disarm, make sure the Scout is in Bluetooth range, and press the bell icon on the screen.

Arming From The Scout

1. To arm the Scout, make sure the phone is in very close range range and the Knog app is active.
2. Press and hold the button on the Scout for 1 second to begin arming.

3. Whilst arming, the Scout LEDs will flash red and the bell icon will appear yellow.

Scout cannot be armed unless phone is in very close range. (Approx 1m / 3 ft)

Disarming From The Scout

1. To disarm the Scout make sure the phone is in very close range and the Knog app is active on the phone.

2. Press and hold the button on the Scout for 1 second to disarm.

Scout cannot be disarmed unless phone is in very close range. (Approx 1m / 3 ft)

Disable Find My

Note: This is NOT describing the method to remove your Scout from the Find My app.

If you receive an Apple Unwanted Tracking notification, the owner of the Scout in your presence can view it’s location. Follow these instructions to stop sharing location details of the Scout.

1. Turn the Scout upside down and place on an horizontal surface.

2. Press and hold the button for 30 seconds until 4 short beeps are heard.

This procedure will stop sharing the location of the Scout.

Plugging the Scout into a charger will re-enable location sharing.


In any case where the Knog app or Scout is non-responsive, try the following steps before attempting a factory reset.

1.) Plug in your Knog Scout via the USB-C until green light indicate the Scout is fully charged.

2.) Quit Knog app on iPhone -> Swipe up from the bottom of your screen, bringing the app into the centre. Swipe up again to close.

3.) Make sure you have the latest version of the Knog app installed.

For further troubleshooting information, please refer to the ‘help’ page inside the Knog app and follow the FAQs link.

To correctly remove the Scout from your phone - if transferring to another user or moving your Scout to a new phone - or if a fresh start is needed for some other reason, follow the process below.

It is critical that the Scout is disarmed before step 1.
If this is not done, the Scout may be rendered inoperable.

1. Remove Knog Mobile app connection

A. Open iOS->Settings->Bluetooth, and find the Knog Scout connection. Select the marker next to the connection. If you have more than one Scout, move to a position where only the Scout you would like to remove is in range and shown as Connected.

B. Select ‘Forget This Device’.

C. Open the Knog app, and remove the Scout.

2. Remove Scout from Find My Network

A. Open the Find My app, and select the Scout you would like to remove. Scroll down, and select the Remove Item option as showed below. The Knog Scout is no longer registered with Find My after this step.

3. Factory Reset on Scout

A. Turn the Scout upside down and place on an horizontal surface.

B. Press and hold the button, while plugging in a USB-C cable. Continue to hold the button for 10 seconds, until 3 long beeps are heard.

Serial Number Look Up

The Apple Find My app can be used to lookup the serial number
of an unknown Scout in your possession.

1. In the Find My app, select Identify found item, when the unknown Scout is nearby.

2. Select the item from a list of nearby items, then press continue.

3. When the following page is displayed, press the button on the Scout, then select ‘Continue On Website’.

4. A page similar to this should be displayed with the Scout serial number. If the device has been set to lost mode, a message and contact details from the owner may also be displayed here.