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  • Blinder Road 600
  • Blinder Road 600
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Blinder Road 600

Blinder Road 600 Front

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When introduced in 2012, Blinder Road set the standard by which any serious road cyclist’s lights were measured. Combining lightweight design, perfect beam angles, powerful light output and its unique mounting system – the Blinder was an instant classic.

Now redesigned for 2020, Knog are proud to present the all new Blinder Road 600.

The Blinder Road 600 features all the best attributes of our original Blinder Road, but now with an incredible 600 lumens of light output. When this increase of illumination power is combined with the carefully considered beam angles for road riding, you have Knog’s most powerfully perfect road bike light ever.

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Advanced LED’s & Optics

Advanced LED’s & Optics Knog Knog

There is no such thing as a universal bike-light. Depending on end use and even bike type dictate the best bike light to use.

Blinder Road utilises 2 LED’s each independently capable of 400lm of output or 600lm when use together. The LHS optic has 12-degree beam providing a spotlight which is perfect for racing and fast riding on smooth roads. Whilst the RHS Optic has 32-degree beam proving a flood light which is best suited for use on slower rides on bumpy or uneven riding conditions.

Each LED have a variety of flash patterns and function independent of the other.

Unique fastening system

Unique fastening system Knog Knog

Utilising silicone to create the elastomeric strap combined with an over-molded polycarbonate clip system allows Blinder Road to adapt to the many various configurations required of today’s road cyclist’s, many of whom have GPS systems on their bikes.

The Blinder Road is stylish and versatile enough to fit with a multitude of today’s high-end bicycle cockpits.

(Includes two removable silicone straps for bars 22-28mm & 29-35mm)

Waterproof & Integrated USB charging

Waterproof & Integrated USB charging Knog Knog

The Blinder road is 100% waterproof with a rating of IP67, which means you submerge your light in depths greater than 1 meter for over 30 minutes without damage (note if you are under 1 meter of water on your bike, the waterproofing of your light is probably the last of your worries).

The light is charged via integrated USB, which means so it does not require additional cables to charge from a USB Port as well as no need for single use batteries.

Intuitive functionality

Intuitive functionality Knog Knog

When your Blinder is running low on battery, a red led will light up next to the button. This ring will turn green when fully charged and then turn off once the Blinder is unplugged from the power source.

With a design that is wider rather than longer, accommodating the 2 optics side by side keeps the centre of gravity as close to the handlebar as possible which avoids the potential for movement on bumpy roads.

Finally, the Blinder Road’s buttons and strap closures are all at the perfect ergonomic angle to presents themselves to the rider buttons are long enough to be used while wearing gloves.

A Knog classic now updated, upgraded and more powerful than ever.

A Knog classic now updated, upgraded and more powerful than ever.

At Knog our innovation never stops.

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H: 73mm x W: 30mm x L:53mm


95 grams



  • Modes High (HRS) Low (HRS)
  • Flash 5.4 9
  • Dual Beam 1 4.3
  • Wide Beam 2 8.5
  • Narrow Beam 2 8.5


Download the user guide below.

Blinder Road Quick Start Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Good sleek light & bright to boot!

I have been using this light on my commuter and have been very happy with it. I give it 4-stars only because I have not fully found a way to mount it on my bike w/ aero handlebars... Maybe someone knows? Battery life is solid, multiple options as far as flash and brightness. The strap system holds strong (currently have it mounted mid-fork blade, on an old piece of seatpost bolted onto the frame as a mount). I really enjoy KNOG as a brand, they have great product!


The Blinder Road 600 should fit on to most aero bars, using the included long strap, although in some instances it may not sit totally flush with the bar. We also have a Blinder mount adapter for mounting the light under a compatible cycling computer. Feel free to shoot us an email if you would like further info!

Steve Williams
Great Lights

Good battery life, great brightness & they look great.