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Mid Cobber

Mid Cobber Twinpack

AUD $199.99

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Mid Cobber Twinpack Front and Rear lights produce an incredible 330° of light, so you’ll be clearly seen from all angles.

They’re brilliantly effective at attracting attention day and night, so if you’re after the safest commuter bike light around then look no further.

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Simple Button

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Mid Cobber is super simple to operate. A long press of the single button will turn the light on and off, and a short press will cycle through the modes. The Mid Cobber has a run time of up 100 hours.

Mount with Ease

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Cobber comes with a tool-less removable silicone straps for bars and seat posts 22 – 32mm+ diameter and a magnetic mount. A large strap is also provided that will fit tubes and head tube profiles with a circumference of up to 200mm. Cobber comes with a standard and Aero mount.

Super Bright

Super Bright Knog Knog

Packing 320 lumens at the front and 170 lumens at the rear, Mid Cobber is seriously bright. Efficient Chip on Board (COB) LEDs provide maximum brightness level for up to 90% of the battery burn time. Mid Cobber comes pre-programmed with 8 modes, plus it’s compatible with the ModeMaker app so you can customise your light modes.

Integrated USB Plug

Integrated USB Plug Knog Knog

No charging cable is required for your Cobber, its integrated USB plugs directly into USB ports. It has a charge time of 4 hours. When your Cobber is running low on battery, a red ring will light up around the button. This ring will turn green and then turn off once the Cobber is fully charged and ready to go.

18 factories told us this light would be impossible

18 factories told us this light would be impossible

We were happy to prove them wrong.

  • Specifications
  • Instructions

Charge Time

4 hours

For individual product specifications please see -
Mid Cobber Front
Mid Cobber Rear

  • Modes Lumens Runtime
  • Front
  • Max 200 2.5
  • Mid 80 5
  • Steady Pulse 320 9
  • Flash 320 9
  • Rolling Flash 140 8
  • Side Flash 200 3.5
  • Disco Flash 160 7
  • Eco Flash 25 120
  • Modes Lumens Runtime
  • Rear
  • Max 75 2
  • Mid 35 3.5
  • Steady Pulse 170 2.5
  • Flash 170 6.5
  • Rolling Flash 70 4.5
  • Side Flash 100 2
  • Disco Flash 80 4.5
  • Eco Flash 15 100


Watch the instructional video or download the user guide below.

Cobber Quick Start Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mid Cobber Rear + Front = Excellent

Excellent product. Would highly recommend.
Good light for urban rides.
Front light does not have space to be mounted vertically. Hence on my bike it is mounted horizontally on the handlebar. This does cause significant light reflecting into my eyes during the ride (especially at night). Might be better if the mount could rotate on the light axis.

Hi Ari, thanks for your review!

The front Cobber lights have some programmable modes via our Modemaker program that will make them compatible with horizontal mounting. These Modes are called 'Eye Saver' modes and will disable a portion of the LED's on the light so that they do not shine in your eyes. Simply program the light with any mode that begins with 'es' and your problem should be solved!

Perfect "be seen" light set

Perfect "be seen" light set for my urban riding in Washington, DC. Inspired design, bright enough for night riding, and simple to use. Great to have a matching set for front and back, and the yellow front happens to match my bike's decals (the actual light is white). These are the lights Jony Ive would have on his bike! Front light mounted vertical on my headtube, where it tucks nicely underneath the stem, blocking the light from my eyes when riding; rear light on seat post nestled between my saddle bag and seat clamp. One tip: don't mount the lights upside down because a big bump can knock them off (no issues when right-side-up). Love that the USB tab is built-in, and functional to stabilize the light...no flimsy, unreliable port covers. I look forward to trying ModeMaker to setup my own light modes, and remove ones I don't use.