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Oi Classic

Oi Classic Large

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Bike bells generally look & sound a bit ugly. But why? What if they looked sexy & sounded like an angel playing a glockenspiel? A bell with a beautiful tone, but also a remarkable style and choice of materials that embodies a rider’s personality.

The Large Oi fits 23.8 – 31.8mm fits bars, while the Small Oi fits 22.2mm bars. Need help deciding? Learn more here.

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The Mount

The Mount Knog Knog

What about the handle-bar cables? No worries. Built into the shape of the mount is a cable management system. So not only does it allow the bell to look and sound uninterrupted, it also helps gather your cables (for the organiser inside us all).

The Look

The Look Knog Knog

The Oi bell’s shape originates from its home – the handle bar. Where bells usually protrude up or out, Oi doesn’t. It appears to hover around the handle bars. In one sense, it’s discreet. But in another, it stands out as unrecognisable.

The Sound

The Sound Knog Knog

With a spring-loaded actuator built into the mount, the strike of the bell is firm and fast, allowing a good balance of volume and longevity of sound. Our bell actually has several pitch tones – one core and several supportive higher tones to ensure it’s unmistakable and safely heard.

The Fit

The Fit Knog Knog

What about getting it on the bar? Just pop it over, give the hex screw a quick tighten up, and you’re good to go. For handlebars measuring 23.8 – 26mm in diameter we have supplied a spacer to help the Oi fit snugly and securely to your bars. This can be found discretely tucked into the reverse of the grey packaging insert.

 Knog’s Oi reinvented a 2000 year old domed bell design

Knog’s Oi reinvented a 2000 year old domed bell design

140 prototypes, 1000’s of springs and over 5 years in conception. Reinventing the bell design was never going to quick.

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H: 16mm x W: 49mm x L:68mm


26 grams

The Large Oi fits 23.8 - 31.8mm bars.

If you don't know which sized bell you need, then check out this how to measure your handlebar guide. You can also download the user guide below.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Alexander Linger
Ring a ding ding

I love the Oi bells ... so much so that I bought a second one just so I can hear that beautiful and resonant ring on both of my bikes

Richard Sayers
Love this bell

So the design is super smart.
Allowed me to position it on my handle bar at just the right location where it is easy to operate. Only need a slight movement of my thumb and no need to move my hand.
The ring sound is pleasant.
I got the coolest bell in the neighborhood.

Alex Kaminski
Excellent Bell

I am very happy with my knog bell. It fits really well on my handlebars and the chime sounds great. Highly recommended

TB Sheets

It's just a beautiful piece of industrial design. Perfect

Pawel Zlobinski