Protect your belongings & your peace of mind with Scout Travel.

Knog have been making innovative products for over 20 years, and we're well known globally for our award winning bike & outdoor accessories. We've taken our design know-how and applied it to Scout Travel, an innovative new product designed to allow travellers the freedom to roam without the worry of losing their luggage.

Protect your belongings & your peace of mind with Scout Travel. A new generation of smart luggage tag that digitally holds your contact information and also acts as a highly accurate luggage finder and a motion sensitive alarm.

The only luggage tag you’ll ever need

Scout Travel allows you to digitize your contact details which you can then access simply by scanning its QR code, so you’ll never need a deposable luggage tag again.

Your digital contact information can be updated via the Knog app allowing you to be able to update your contact details at any time, from anywhere ensuring they stay current and always match your travel plans.

Find your belongings anywhere, anytime

Scout Travel utilizes the Apple Find My network which harnesses the combined power of hundreds of millions of iphone, ipad & Mac devices around the world.

Therefore travellers can enjoy the peace of mind of always being able to check exactly where their belongings are anywhere, anytime simply by checking the Apple Find My app on their iPhone.

Arm it & Alarm it

Prevention is the best deterrent, which is why an 85db motion-sensitive alarm is at the heart of Scout Travel’s design.

Once armed any movement of the Scout Travel will trigger the hard-to-ignore 85db alarm, as well as sending an audible alarm & notification to your iPhone (when in Bluetooth range) allowing you the opportunity to take action to recover your belongings.

Secure in everyway

Scout Travel’s security tether is constructed from nylon coated braided stainless-steel cable meaning once attached Scout Travel it is staying attached.

The security tether is attached with an anti-tamper security bolt that requires the special Knog tool to remove it, so only you get to choose when to move it.

Separation anxiety? Not here

There’s no need to stress about leaving your carry-on behind or someone unknowingly taking your luggage off the bus. With separation alerts enabled in the Apple Find My app, you’ll get a notification if your Scout Travel drops out of bluetooth range.

*You can also set Trusted Locations, which are locations where you can leave an item without receiving a notification.

Built tough for real-world travel

Scout Travel has been designed for travel, constructed from fibre-reinforced plastic, and then over-molded in Silicone. Scout Travel is purpose-built to cope with the rigorous demands of travel; however rough things get.

Find the chime, find your luggage everytime.

Finding your stuff, however big the pile of luggage is straight forward with Scout Travel’s remote chime function, simply activate the remote chime function via the Knog app and a charming sound will emit from your Scout Travel making finding your luggage a doddle.

You had me at rechargeable.

A fully charged Scout Travel lasts up to 2 months between charges and the smart Knog app will send you a notification to your iPhone once your device has less than 20% charge remaining, giving you plenty of notice to recharge your Scout Travel... told you it was smart.

How is Scout Travel different to an Airtag?

Because Scout Travel uses the Apple Find My network, you get all the benefits of an Airtag, plus a load more. More of the things you need when travelling.

Scout Travel Apple Airtag + Airtag Loop (Holder)
MSRP (USD) US$59.95 US$58.00
Purpose Built Luggage Tag X
Holds Owner’s Contact Information X
Motion-Sensitive Alarm X
Integrated Security Tether X
Rechargeable Battery X
Mulitiple Colour Options X
Remote Chime Function
Uses Apple Find My
Compatible with iOS
Near Field Communication (NFC)
Compatible with Android X X