Front Bike Lights


    Front bicycle lights are an important part of any cyclist’s kit, they help illuminate the cycle path, trail or road, and ensure the cyclist is visible. Knog’s wide range of best-in-class front lights allow any cyclist to pick the right light for their riding type.

    Knog’s front bike lights range from 40 to 2000 lumens, and are all pow...

    Knog’s front bike lights range from 40 to 2000 lumens, and are all powered by a USB rechargeable battery. Furthermore, all front bicycle lights feature replaceable straps or brackets, and are easy to install on any bicycle.

    Ranging from the versatile Plus front bike light, to the modular PWR Mountain 2000 front bike light, each model is designed with a different application in mind.

    Knog’s Plug family of lights feature a simple, cylindrical shape, a side visibility port for increased safety and a soft touch silicone body. The Blinder Road 600 light features a dual beam design which projects more light onto the road, for those dusk training rides, or morning workouts. The Blinder lights— Mini and Square —have unique face patterns and 8 different flashing modes, bringing a little artistic flare to an otherwise technical market. The PWR range features interchangeable headlights, allowing you to upgrade your lumen output, and use the PWR bank to charge whatever device you might need on a long ride or bike packing trip.

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    Wherever you’re roaming, Knog has a front bike light for your next adventure.

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    FAQs about Knog Front Bike Lights

    What front bike lights are available in Knog's collection?

    Knog creates a wide range of best-in-class front lights for road cycling, commuting, bike packing, and mountain biking.

    How do I choose the right front bike light for my cycling needs?

    If you're looking at buying a bike light but need some help, we have a handy guide here to help, otherwise our team is happy to assist you as well.

    What are the brightness and illumination settings for Knog's front bike lights?

    Bike light brightness is measured in Lumens. The higher the lumen rating, the brighter the light will appear. Knog creates a wide range of lights with different outputs to ensure you find a light suitable for your cycling needs.

    Is there a warranty for Knog front bike lights, and what does it cover?

    All Knog products have a two-year warranty covering a wide range of issues. More information about the Knog guarantee can be found here.

    Are Knog's front bike lights compatible with different bike models and handlebars?

    Mounting options are light-specific. To confirm if the light is suitable for your bike, visit our help centre here. Our customer support team is also happy to answer any questions you might have.

    Do you provide installation guides for mounting front bike lights?

    For specific mounting advice for your light, view the relevant user guide for your light here.

    What types of batteries or power sources do Knog front bike lights use?

    Knog lights are either chargeable via an integrated USB-A connector for cable-free charging or via USB-C. Charging options depend on the light and are listed in detail on each product page.

    Can I find reviews and ratings from other cyclists for your front bike lights?

    Absolutely. User reviews are listed at the bottom of each product page.

    Are there any special promotions or discounts available for front bike lights?

    All our current offers are listed here.

    How can I contact customer support for assistance with front bike light inquiries?

    If you need further assistance, you can visit our help centre or contact our customer support team here.